domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Wanna rock'n'roll all night!

This week is being great. Like a dreamy week.

Monday was ordinary, work, college and things like that.

Tuesday was new for me, date, dinner, talking, so different and embarassment. I did split soy sauce all over my light color shirt, wich made me feel an idiota in front of the date!! I didn't know him, so, I was so angy with myself... But he was great enough for not being touched by that!!

Wednesday was hardcore... I had a lot of work to do and college was about to driving me mad. We had some essay about sportive jornalism, wich was great, but nothing special. I went out to dinner with my mate and we ran away at the first opportunity!!

Thursday I went out with the same date as tuesday and this time was greater!!! We had some drink, and the alcohol raised!! We had a lot of fun and confession moments..He is awesome but he doesn't think like that...But everything went good after all!!

Fryday was hardcore as well, but was pretty calm. I worked too much and I could not let it go from my table. I went to the bank in the morning and I spent like 1 hour on a line!!! Plus, the hangover was in the fifty degree of Creu's dance. I couldn't eat much, but I had some noddles at least. I could not think of anything other than last night and work. I skipped college and went home to watch some movies and pretend I wasn't dying of TPM!!

Saturday, oh saturday, incredible day. I spent most of my days at Xereta's Aunt home. She is such a nice person that we, me and my mate, couldn't leave before 10 pm. We talked, and ate and learned. Was a learning day for all of us. She and her family are amazing, awesome, divine!!! After this nice moment I went home by bus but it never came. I took a cab, praying for the driver drive fast and the run became cheap. He did, thank God! I took a shower, the most fast one, and put me ready to go to rock'n'roll party with my colleagues and my boss!! My brother seemed to go to the same place but I couldn't wait for him once I was ready and he was watching TV instead of getting ready. I took another cab (Cab day), and enter the party!! The party was amazing...I loved the music, my companies and after half an hour my date showed up over there, so my night was complete!! I was too glad to believe!! I loved my saturday!!

Sunday, today, hangover again, wathing movies, thinking about stuff...Happy after all!! Xereta's Aunt told me that this year is the third for me, the year of everything or nothing!!! I was thinking about it earlier and my year, 2010, is being such a great year!!!!

I hope I can make to the forth!!!

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Braz disse...

i love to ready YOUR english cause t's simple. You only write the necessaire things and I can understand everything without problems.