quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2008

Back of life?

Como eu nao (til) tenho um teclado que permita acentos e bla, bla, bla, eu vou usar esse espaco (cedilha), pra escrever em ingles (circunflexo), treinar e bom, quando eu precisar escrever em portugues (circunflexo), vou usar esse sistema de escrita!! 

So, Let's go, again!

I am back...I am with a new life, a new style..My days during years, my nights are, sometime, a little confuse...But I am alive. I can feel the other people breath, I can see smiles in kids's faces, I can run away, miles and miles...and sweaty like never in my life...I even can think in Farenheit, Foot, Pounds, small number for feet... 

I can do wherever I want!! I just cannot speak in my voice..I cannot hear my tone.....I don't have no one to talk about my problems, or my beautiful life... 

Actually, I have..Two angels, but I can spend more than 3 days with them...Unfortunately!

Even thought, I cannot speak my language!! This is cool, looks like I don't have problems, or I can live very well without others...That is no true..I need everybody I love near me...I need a Hug, a Kiss, a Cute Word...I putted in capital letter because this things are really importants to me....

I am free....but I am in jail....I like that..I like to feel how is bad be alone...I am learning more things than in my whooooole life..Just in 2 months..

I still have 10....Well, 2, 10, love, hug, are just unreal things...
I hope, I pray, I apreciate, if I can go back to my place just for 10 seconds... And this "10", I garantee, will be not unreal, will be like I am touching the sky....Like a dream coming true!!

Just more 10 months....I am enjoying....I am happy here, but I am not complete!!
This is completely real!!

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