terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2008

Field Museum

Eu disse, eu disse! Basta voce colocar um "ninguem le isso aqui" que as pessoas aparecem...Nao, eu nao tenho nenhuma amiga que vai casar Sr. Merchan do IG!

One more day left, and you know what? I still have 311 days...Yeah, days that don't finish never...

I went to Field Museum today, for the third time since I came and I am pretty in love about that place. I was in the Natural Disasters, Mithology Monster, Underground shows. I never felt so many bad things at the same time in my heart.

Well, let me explain. The first one Natural Disaster is about all the kinds of natural disaster (Duh), Hurricanes, Earthquake, Tsunamis, Volcanos and etc... You feel like you are inside one of those, and there are a lot of pictures and information, and picture and noises about this subject. I don't think hear people scream is that good and I didn't feel very well inside the room.

The second one was awesome. A lot of miths and things like that, statues, register, colors. Everything so unreal that looked real..very real! I saw dragons and unicorns, and mermaids, and pegasus, and bigfoot, I still saw Chupacabras....

The third one I almost passed out. I have a problem, a Big problem, I can not see spiders, I can not think about they...And in this show you suppose to feel you are small like in (Querida encolhi as criancas!). Well, is a good show, the things are really, really, really perfect, but i was there, walking with two eleven-year-old boys when I entered in a dark room, with plants, green all around me and a big, very big, extremely big spider with eight eyes and a bug in her mouth. Yeah, I started to feel bad, to sweat, and I went out of the place fast I can, fastest than The Flash I am sure!

Now I am in home, inside my room, thinking that a spider can down to the ceiling to my head anytime. I hate be so vulnerable like I am with spider.
The only spider I like is the Spiderman, but just because he is cute!

Eight legs, blegh, I almost don't know how to walk with two.



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