terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2008

First poem in english

I wish I could know what will be my future,
I wish I could feel the touch of love
To make wishes in a fountain
and recieve answers!

I wish I could, just for a moment,
think about my past without get sick
or don't be scare about my the days ahead.

I really would like 
to see your face,
to feel your embrace,
to touch your skin,
to tell you that you are thin
to feed you with my kisses,
my body,
my dance.

I will wait for you
not the same way you are thinking about..

I will wait for you, just while I am breathing.

I want to risk everything, to say to myself

I do not want to feel scare about the night...

About everytime I am away!!!
Because when I am more far, I feel more close.
And if I feel more close than that, I will take your body
and we will became one!

One life, one body, one spirit, ONE DESTINY!

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