segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2008


Monday, 07-07

I woke early this morning...I think is because the last night, was amazing!

I have just talked to you for 4 hours....And I felt good, I felt happy...Even I know the distance is bigger than everything...I was there, with you!!  I don't know, I can't explain what happened, I felt jealous! Jealous because the computer can feel your touch, and I can't. Jealous for the bus wich take you alone, the hands whom hold you when I am so far away!!

But today is early yet...It is just 11 o'clok in the morning! I hope during the day I will feel good, without miss you!! Yeah, I affraid I will!! Good for me!!

Who knows the day after tomorrow? I don't! If we will be together forever, or if I will return to your embrace, or somenthing like that...

God will look at us, or we will...
Someone needs to!

I cannot do this for myself! I need divine help!! Or at least, divine comprehension!!

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Gabs disse...

Sara my love!!!
Don't be jealous!! He'll wait for you!!
I'm the only one who comment on this blog!!!
I know...
I think is because I'm your savior in the USA!!! hahahahaha
Tah bm eu sei que eu me acho!! hahahahaha
I love you pra xuxu!!!
So thank you
I want a coqui!!!
And pig meat!!!